Policy Management

Policy Management

Company Policy

We adopt a consultative approach to identify, agree and document the Key Performance Indicators for service delivery within a comprehensive and bespoke Service Level Agreement.

Together we will review your current process, expenditure, supplier agreements, geographical requirements, subsistence levels, existing expense policy and any other factors which may be important in developing a dedicated preferred programme to meet your financial and strategic needs.

Incorporating budgetary and subsistence limitations in line with your expense policy will allow us to work together to ensure that we maximise time, cost and resource savings at every opportunity.
We challenge existing behaviour patterns and drive for best practice and a compliant approach to ensure the success of your programme.


Policy Management

As demands change on a daily basis it is important to ensure that each and every employee is compliant with your business objectives.  Through the creation and implementation of your desired policy criteria, we ensure that on each and every request we uphold these values.   This day to day deployment leads to your employees clear understanding of policy boundaries, resulting in a high percentage of compliance and maximised savings at every opportunity.


Pre-booking approval

In support of your policy parameters, your dedicated team will ensure that before any booking is confirmed, appropriate authorisation is gained.  You can personally define when and where the approval level is to be inset, such as rate types, employee levels or when they meet certain financial or budget constraints.


Account Management

Our experienced team of Account Managers work jointly with your key contacts to develop, nuture and continually evolve our provision in line with your individual Service Level Agreement. 
Regardless of your level of expenditure, keeping in touch is key to the on-going performance success.  Through regular review, analysis and feedback we will strive towards continuous improvement and deliver positive change.