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Optimised hotel procurement. Saves time, reduce costs, improves quality, and it's non-contractual.

Welcome to the Venue Options website. We are an industry leader, specialising in providing a dedicated and personal accommodation, meetings and event management solution.

In this competitive environment, outsourcing business processes and solutions is crucial to the ability of companies to thrive. For our clients, we deliver specialist outsourced management solution for the procurement of corporate hotel bookings, accommodation solutions, meetings and event requirements.

Our scalable, free of charge solutions aim to optimise hotel procurement, save time, reduce costs and improve quality.

Whether your company requires a completely integrated policy managed solution or a simple venue sourcing and hotel booking facility, our experts can provide a non-contractual service to meet your requirements and exceed your expectation of a hassle-free experience.

The introduction of our new on-line booking request tool 'evolution', makes the process of placing your booking request with us even easier. However, if you wish to discuss your requirements personally with one of our experienced consultants, please feel free to call us on 08712 881388. We'll be happy to discuss your needs.

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Providing a free of charge, dedicated support service for accommodation, meetings and event procurement